About us.

We are growing the robotic business in Lithuania by making Lithuanian robotic sector well known to the international players

We are creating local networks and placing to work together across the value chain

We are prioritizing robotics sector and addressing national policy challenges, that restrict from pursuing robotics growth potential

Elinta companies group specializes in industry automation, electric vehicles, charging points, production of computer vision systems, electric drives for bicycles.

Core technologies range from production of automation systems, electronic components and cutting-edge image processing tools to electric mobility.

Factobotics is a robotics company specialized in developing cutting-edge industrial robotic solutions, turning them into standard products and commercializing them worldwide.

Precizika Metal is a components supplier. Company specializes in high-precision solutions and equipment.

UAB Robotex specializes in developing advanced pallet industry, product palletizing and pick&place solutions. Company has more than 10 years of automation experience and provide robotic integration services in all Europe.

Rubedo Sistemos supplies standard as well as tailor-made mobile robotics and computer vision solutions for profesional applications: FDA-compliant motion management solution iGUIDE®, the unmanned missioning product Rubedo UMC, computer vision product Rubedo CVM.

Vilniaus baldai is a furniture company with their own robotization department. Vilniaus baldai  specialize in the production of light storage flat-pack furniture (from honeycomb panels). The production ranges from simple to complex and multifunctional furniture. Most of  products consist of children’s furniture, which are subject to the strictest safety and quality requirements.

With almost 60 years of experience in the development of computer numerical control equipment, more than 22,5 million products installed worldwide and more than 6000 employees, FANUC is one of the leading global manufacturer of factory automation.