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Board Member Vytautas Kazlauskas: The Pandemic Accelerated a Race for Robotics

As the world gradually recovers from the shock to the economic and health sectors caused by the pandemic, other aspects of this extraordinary situation that could catalyze long-term change are becoming clearer. One of these is the potential of robotisation highlighted by the global health crisis. Research shows that companies with a large proportion of […]

Lithuanian Robot Developers See a Growing Demand for Automation

Robotics companies in Lithuania notice the growing demand from companies to automate their processes. Developers working with robotics solutions say they currently have more projects in line than before the pandemic. Particularly active customers come from the industry, but not everyone is in a hurry – some are still afraid to innovate.

LRA Nominated for the European Digital Innovation Hub

Lithuanian Robotics Association is part of a science and business consortium that was consortium nominated as the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for the Vilnius region. This EDIH brings together digital technology expertise and infrastructure, provides digitization and innovation support, and advisory services for SMEs and the public sector.

Lithuanian Industrialists on Robotization: We are at a Turning Point

Although Lithuania is among the last in Europe, measuring the robotization levels of the industrial sector, it is an inevitable future. As the pandemic accelerates automation in all sectors around the world, Lithuanian industrialists are also talking about a turning point – the ratio of labor productivity, availability, quality and price in Lithuania is already […]

SERVICE ROBOTS Record: Sales Worldwide Up 32%

Sales value of professional service robots increased by 32% to USD11.2 billion worldwide (2018-2019). The COVID-19 pandemic will further boost the market. High demand for robotics disinfection solutions, robotic logistics solutions in factories and warehouses or robots for home delivery are examples of this trend.

Digitization of Industry: Robots are Getting Closer to Manufacturers

As the pandemic grows demand in the robotics industry, the sector is striving to be closer to business: companies implementing robotics solutions are educating industrialists, and the professionals who are developing them are making robots increasingly available not only for mass production but also for smaller manufacturers.