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High demand for “Robotics skills” in post-Corona recovery

By 2022, an operational stock of almost 4 million industrial robots are expected to work in factories worldwide. These robots will play a vital role in automating production to speed up the post-Corona economy. At the same time, robots are driving demand for skilled workers. Educational systems must effectively adjust to this demand.

Lithuanian Robotics Association Community on LinkedIN has Surpassed 300 Followers

LinkedIn page of the Lithuanian Robotics Association is an important channel for the most interesting updates and news from the robotics ecosystem in Lithuania. It gathers all current developments from the robotics companies under the hashtag #LRACommunity, presents the latest global trends and tendencies as well as invites robotic companies to participate in international open […]

New Trend in the Robotics Industry: Rapid Development of Cobots

According to international experts, it is increasingly important for European industry to strike a balance between people creating high added value and robotic solutions that perform repetitive tasks. This increases productivity, attractiveness of jobs, and the quality of production. The development of Cobots is one of the ways to achieve this.