Technological Audits

LRA experts from leading robotic companies together with consulting partners from Civitta offer high-quality technological audits that open up an opportunity to fund industry automation at your company.

The audit includes a thorough analysis of the status quo:

  • identification of potential for robotics and digitization;
  • a general overview of the company’s challenges in production, process and data management, intra-factory solutions;
  • based on the analysis, an individual report is prepared with custom-tailored recommendations outlining the most effective solutions for your company.

Technological audits are performed by our experts and experienced members from FactoboticsElinta RoboticsRobotex, Rubedos, which have been implementing automation solutions in companies for several years already.

The LRA has already conducted successful audits that have helped industrial companies to implement automation/robotics solutions and strengthen their competitiveness in the international market. Our exclusive partnership with the experienced consulting company Civitta helps prepare top-level applications for various financing instruments.

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Mantas Eidukevičius

Audits Team Leader


Brokerage & Matchmaking

Experts of the Lithuanian Robotics Association and its partners can provide you with:
  • advice on market opportunities;
  • support on expanding internationally;
  • help with finding R&D and innovation partners in more than 80 countries.

We created a partnership with the Lithuanian innovation center, which is part of the European Enterprise network. The Network’s international business experts have the experience and resources to help your business grow. Whatever your business, we can advise on the best market opportunities to help you expand internationally. The Network offers advisory services and innovation support.

The Network has the reach and expertise to find the right partner(s) for you to:

  • manufacture and/or distribute your products;
  • access new markets;
  • find the technology you need to drive innovation in your business;
  • cooperate in research and development projects.

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Daumantas Simėnas


+370 617 73339


Access to funding

The Association’s wide-ranging network of experts and partners can help you with:

  • contacts to venture capitalists;
  • funding from European programs;
  • funding for innovation from Lithuanian structural funds.

We have a wide network of contacts and can help to find funding for your innovative business or R&D project. This includes not only various EU or Government-led programs but also private funding from venture capitalists and business angels.

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Sander van der Molen

Consultant at Civitta

+370 613 59 730