LRA becomes member of IFR
LRA becomes member of IFR

Lithuania appeared on the world map of robotics – this year Lithuanian Robotics Association became a member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), which unites more than 80 largest representatives of the robotics market from 20 countries.

One of the most important robotics organizations, bringing together key market experts and professionals, is recognized as the primary global resource for data on robotics. The members of the federation regularly receive detailed market data for research, surveys and statistical reviews, which are the basis for shaping innovation policy at the global level.

From now on, the statistics of the Lithuanian robotics sector will become part of a common data bank – Lithuanian Robotics Association cooperating with the Lithuanian Department of Statistics is currently conducting a comprehensive official survey of Lithuanian companies with a dedicated part for robotics, will also provide more accurate data for the world’s robotic statistics reports published by the federation.

Becoming a part of the global ecosystem opens access to information and successful business cases of market leaders as well as builds a bridge to the new markets for Lithuanian robotic market players, allowing to present their innovations on a global scale.

‘Joining the IFR is a steppingstone for Lithuanian robotics sector showing that innovations being developed here are equal or in some cases even ahead of the creators of other world countries, is recognised and allows for experience sharing both ways. The robotics industry is a fast-growing and evolving field that enters various industries, service sectors and our daily lives. It is important for Lithuania to be a part of a larger communication and innovation platform, where market leaders share experience and knowledge. Based on global experience, we will be able to better shape the vision of digitization of local industry, develop Lithuania’s innovative environment and accelerate the implementation of the latest technologies, such as collaborative robots, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and technologies alike’, commented Daumantas Simėnas, CEO at Lithuanian Robots Association.

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