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Lithuanian robotics association expands with three new members

We are delighted to announce the addition of three esteemed robotic companies – Sentante, Blackswan Space, and Industrial Robots – to the Lithuanian Robotics Association. Sentante has made notable progress in the field of endovascular procedures with their advanced robotic system. By leveraging smart, sensory, and teleoperated technologies, their system enables physicians to conduct procedures […]

ABB joined Lithuanian Robotics Association

We are glad to announce that our association’s company of members was strengthened by well-known name and one of the pioneers in robotics – ABB Lithuania, one of the world’s leading robotics and machine automation suppliers and B&R automation representatives. Gediminas Darčianovas said that ABB membership in LRA is important to be able to represent the robotics community […]

The rapidly growing global robotics sector. What does it take for Lithuania to catch up with the fast-moving train?

This article was originally published on Innovation Agency website. You can read it here. Market research companies agree that global robotics sector will experience rapid growth by 2030. Although in Lithuania it is still in the initial stages of development, experts suggest turning it into a strategic area and thus speed up the digitization of […]

The European Commission gave the green light to the activities of EDIH VILNIUS

The growing importance of digitization and sustainability in the world as well as the program of the European Commission named DIGITAL provides unique opportunities Lithuanian business and the public sector. To promote the digital transformation of the economy, the European Commission has established European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH). The project prepared by the consortium EDIH […]

Lithuania becomes a member of global robotics network

Lithuania appeared on the world map of robotics – this year Lithuanian Robotics Association became a member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), which unites more than 80 largest representatives of the robotics market from 20 countries. One of the most important robotics organizations, bringing together key market experts and professionals, is recognized as […]

DIH² local evangelists in robotics: Daumantas Simėnas

Evangelist noun \evan.ge.list | \i-van-jə-list : an enthusiastic advocate Networks are about connecting people and at the heart of DIH² is a group of people who we call Local Evangelists in Robotics, or LERs for short. They build relationships and advance our cause with amazing passion.  Original article was published on DIH² Linkedin account. DIH²: Daumantas, you’re the […]

Kuka Nordics became a member of Lithuanian robotics association

Welcome on board to our 9th member of association – KUKA Nordics, a part of world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions with a wide range of services from robots and robot cells to fully automated systems and their network systems. Dalius Grakavinas, Sales Manager at KUKA Nordics, says that membership is important due to synergy with the current members of the association as […]

Representatives of robotics: let’s digitize the industry or products produced in Lithuania will become uncompetitive

If the level of robotization in Lithuania remains low, the products produced in the country will become uncompetitive, says the representatives of robotics. According to them, the low use of robotics solutions is due to lack of innovative industries and qualified professionals. In 2019, Lithuanian Robotics Association estimated that there were 10 to 20 industrial […]