We are delighted to announce the addition of three esteemed robotic companies – Sentante, Blackswan Space, and Industrial Robots – to the Lithuanian Robotics Association.

Sentante has made notable progress in the field of endovascular procedures with their advanced robotic system. By leveraging smart, sensory, and teleoperated technologies, their system enables physicians to conduct procedures remotely, reducing exposure to harmful X-rays. The provision of natural haptic force feedback allows physicians to accurately perceive catheter and guidewire resistance, simulating a physical presence alongside the patient.

Blackswan Space, on the other hand, is actively driving advancements in space technology through their autonomy platform designed for satellite integrators and operators. Their software-focused approach expands the scope of autonomous activities in space, including navigation, asset inspection, servicing, and robotic manipulation.

Industrial Robotics Company specializes in the development of state-of-the-art industrial robotic solutions and software, tailored specifically for small-scale production. Their intuitively controlled and easily trainable robots not only enhance factory efficiency but also improve working conditions and product quality.

The three new members to our association strengthens our community by bringing diverse knowledge and expertise to the forefront. Together, we will foster innovation, collaboration, and shape the future of robotics in Lithuania.