Technological Audit is an important first step towards the digitization of manufacturing processes. LRA experts from leading robotic companies offer high-quality audits and an opportunity to get funding through “Industrial Digitalization LT” programme.

Lithuanian Robotics Association invites all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to take part in the “Industry Digitalization LT” programme and apply for the funding of up to 2,9M euros. One of the prerequisites for participation is a technological audit which can be performed by the Lithuanian Robotics Association.

Technological audits are performed by the experts of Association and experienced developers from our members at „Factobotics“, „Elinta Robotics“, „Robotex“, „Rubedo systems”. Audit reports include current situation analysis, identification of potential for robotics and opportunities, challenges in production, process management, intra-factory logistics and data management, etc. The report is supported by custom-tailored recommendations on the most effective solutions for an individual company.

LRA has already performed successful innovation audits that helped industry SMEs to develop and strengthen competitiveness on international market and implement automation and robotics solutions. Also, exclusive partnership with legal consulting agency „Civitta“ experienced in EU funding projects helps prepare top-notch applications for funding tools such as “Industrial Digitalization LT” which is open for applications until July 7th, 2020.

More information on the “Industrial Digitalization LT” measure (DEADLINE: 2020 July 7th):

For further information on technological audits, funding opportunities and related matters, please contact:

Daumantas Simėnas (; +370 617 73339);
Saulius Šerėnas (; +370 620 59514).