Robotics companies in Lithuania notice the growing demand from companies to automate their processes. Developers working with robotics solutions say they currently have more projects in line than before the pandemic. Particularly active customers come from the industry, but not everyone is in a hurry – some are still afraid to innovate.

This article originally appeared on Delfi, 3rd of March, 2021. Find the full original version in Lithuanian here.

The number of automation projects is growing

Daumantas Simėnas, the head of the Lithuanian Robotics Association, says that in general, the pandemic has had a positive impact on the robotics and automation sector.

“The interest of companies in various robot solutions has highly increased. “This is not the first and probably not the last pandemic, so now various businesses have intensified their search for possible robotics solutions like never before. We perform technological audits in industrial enterprises, so we can confidently testify that there is a significant activation in this area”, notes D. Simėnas.

He says it is too early to say how much investment will be made in robotics solutions, but businesses working with robotics solutions currently have a really large number of projects in line, which has not been the case before.

Increasing efficiency, and keeping the staff

According to the head of the Lithuanian robotics association, it is too early to quantify trends and see exactly where the robotics sector is heading, but what is really clear is the growth in the use of industrial robots. “Businesses are very interested in how to automate business processes and activate them as much as possible. True, the goal is not to eliminate the human factor and employees, but to seek better opportunities for businesses to continue operating in a pandemic or similar crisis, to reorient professionals to more creative, more complex tasks. This helps to avoid complete isolation of the company, the cases of which we have seen in Lithuania as well,” comments D. Simėnas

“Businesses are very interested in how to automate business processes and activate them as much as possible.”

Daumantas Simėnas, CEO of the Lithuanian Robotics Association


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